Work With Us!

DirectFresh is looking for passionate, problem solvers to help us get off the ground. The specific jobs will vary, but the requirements will not: A love for food, a get-it-done attitude, and the desire to be part of something revolutionary.

  • If you’re interested in changing how people shop, cook, and eat in Bangladesh, please answer each of the following questions in 500 words or less. Send your responses with your resume and a short cover letter to [email protected]. Imagine you’re planning a dinner party for 20 people. Design a 5 course meal and describe its presentation. What is your inspiration? how would you execute?  What might go wrong and how would you fix it?
  •  A customer calls with a complaint about their order. Maybe something was left out, or one of their purchases was spoiled or melted, or perhaps they are frustrated by the size of our selection or that their favorite cereal is sold out. How would you satisfy this customer? What information would you leverage to do so? What might go wrong and how would you fix it?
  •  You have 3000 cubic feet to store 2000 cubic feet of goods. One quarter must be frozen, one quarter must be refrigerated, and the remaining half will be dry goods. How would you construct your warehouse and store your goods to keep them in pristine condition and readily accessible for packing and shipping? Describe your system for inventory, warehousing, and shipping.  What are the most critical systems you need to design, and how might they fail?