Dear Foodies,

We want to take a minute to talk about our partner, OPORAJEO, and the beautiful bright green bags they make.

photo 03

OPORAJEO – “INVINCIBLE” in bangla – is a social business that owned and operated by survivors of the Rana Plaza disaster.  These women and men produce jute and textile bags and garments in a safe, well-lit, one-story factory, and are given access to resources to help them through their rehabilitation.

photo 02

OPORAJEO is owned by its employees.  Profits from sales are used to pay salaries, build and run a school and clinic for the children of employees, and pay for healthcare.  They make bags for DIRECT FRESH, The Tripty Project, and other companies, and are excited to expand their social business to exports as well.

photo 01

If you’d like to learn more about OPORAJEO or would like to support their mission by donating time, machinery, funds, or other resources, please check out their WEBSITE or contact them directly at +880 1916 809693 or +880 1726 828950.

Hi Fives,