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Good Afternoon, FOODIES!

We’re hard at work bringing the freshest produce and groceries to your doorstep, but want to take a minute to talk a little about one of our awesome local partners: North End Coffee Roasters.

North End Coffee Roasters is single best source for fresh-roasted coffee in Bangladesh.  Rick and Chris Hubbard have developed a range of brews sourced from around the world, including a locally sourced “Hill Tract Blend” from right here in Bangladesh.  They’ve also created a mind-blowing confection that no Dhaka Foodie can live without: The Famous North End Cinnamon Bun.

Since 2011, this dynamic duo from the “North End” of Boston, USA, have single-handedly built a community of fine coffee lovers here in Dhaka through their incredibly comfortable cafes and affordably priced premium beans.  They even run classes like “Coffee Tasting,” “Barista Training I,” and, “Great Pastries at Home,” which are fantastic.

At Direct Fresh you have access to the complete range of North End Roaster’s delicious products.  Even better, every bag of North End Coffee ordered on Direct Fresh is custom ground to your choice of 5 different sizes: Whole, Course, French Press, Drip, and Espresso.

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If you just can’t wait for your DF delivery tomorrow, stop by their stores down the road from the American Embassy in Notun Bazar, inside the American School in Baridhara, at the Lakeshore Hotel, or at Unimart in Gulshan 2.

We hope you’ll take a chance to treat yourself to some stellar custom ground coffee delivered your doorstep FOR FREE, exclusively from DIRECT FRESH.

Hi Fives!