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Say cheese! Instantly, my brain begins to recall how delicious, flavourful, and versatile it is; also its variety in terms of taste and texture. I can’t find absolutely any reason not to love cheese. Adding the right kind of cheese to recipes can only make them taste better. If you like to ride high on the strong, sharp, intense and pungent side, you are the true fans of cheddar, blue cheese, goat cheese, gorgonzola and the likes, but if you prefer the subtle and soft, you’d probably want to continue to stick to feta, brie, mascarpone and mozzarella.

While I may love all different kinds of cheese, one that I am particularly biased towards is smoked cheese; it’s like a whole other playing field in the cheese universe. Relish it on its own or add it to other food to give it life. One can go gaga over cheese but living in Dhaka, it can be an almost impossible task to easily source delights such as smoked, Roquefort, and Red Leicester cheese. The good news is that recently I discovered that one company, which possibly quite rightfully boasts of being the only ‘farm to table’ solution provider in the country, Direct Fresh, has come to the rescue of food connoisseurs in the country by offering the best ingredients from all over the world. Direct Fresh, born out of the owners’ passion for genuinely fresh, appetising, and safe ingredients, has already earned unparalleled recognition within a brief period of time as the premium online grocery store, offering a truly diverse range of products. Whether it is Austrian Smoked Cheese for a cheese fan like me or exotic dragon fruit, avocado, cherries, or honey dew for fruit lovers, Direct Fresh has decided to further diversify its distinct portfolio of products for its customers, who can order very easily via a simple click or a call.

Containers from UK carrying a huge range of products arrive every two months, besides air shipment from the same country to Dhaka every week. There is also direct import of certain perishable products from Thailand and the Middle East on a regular basis. For vegetarians, Direct Fresh is a safe haven, guaranteeing all products to be 100% free of formalin, carbides and other industrial carcinogens. “Grocery stores here, big, medium or small, sell fruits, meat and poultry that have been treated with formalin and carbides, ironically to preserve their ‘freshness’. Often the products on shelves have expired and the ones that are imported have outrageous prices, shopping for groceries at the markets here have become time-consuming, futile and disappointing. At Direct Fresh, we ensure well-rounded customer satisfaction by taking care of the food from sourcing to the doorstep of clients with the help of latest in-cold chain and smart-logistics technology,” shares Mishal Karim, one of the co-owners of this venture.

Don’t think just lettuce, think if you’d like green, iceberg, red, Radicchio or Romaine; what else do you want you imagine to combine them with? Red or Chinese cabbage, French beans, broccoli, sundried or cherry tomatoes, fresh from Thailand! Add a dash of Hellmans Vinaigrette, maybe a garlic herb dressing, or if you are in the mood for something creamy, then a thousand island dressing from England, and you are all set for a beautiful salad. Otherwise, create a stir fry with asparagus, Enoki mushrooms, snow peas and zucchini, coming to your table all the way from Thailand. Among fruits, imports from Dubai include eight different types of apples, kiwis, nectarines, peaches, and avocados.

Meat and deli lovers need not be disappointed as they have plenty of options to choose from – British Cumberland sausages, Merguez sausages, turkey slices, salami slices, pastrami and lots more. The company also plans to add another feather on its cap by breeding cows, goats, and chickens in its local Rajendrapur Agro Complex.

The company is also in the process of setting up depots all across the capital, the first one being in Notun Bazar, in order to aid its latest service of delivering orders to doorstep within 90 minutes to its customers residing in Gulshan, Banani and Baridhara. “These depots will help us in expanding our network. In addition, we have also increased the number of bikes as well as riders for faster delivery. A young population of men are finding easy employment through our home delivery service and customers have quicker access to the fresh products,” informs Tanvir Sifat, Head of Strategy, Direct Fresh. A call center service has been launched devoted to Direct Fresh customers, so that they can call besides using Whatsapp and the website to place their orders. Order away for a brand new, fresh experience!