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Say cheese! Instantly, my brain begins to recall how delicious, flavourful, and versatile it is; also its variety in terms of taste and texture. I can’t find absolutely any reason not to love cheese. Adding the right kind of cheese to recipes can only make them taste better. If you like to ride high on the strong, sharp, intense and pungent side, you are the true fans of cheddar, blue cheese, goat cheese, gorgonzola and the likes, but if you prefer the subtle and soft, you’d probably want to continue to stick to feta, brie, mascarpone and mozzarella.

While I may love all different kinds of cheese, one that I am particularly biased towards is smoked cheese; it’s like a whole other playing field in the cheese universe. Relish it on its own or add it to other food to give it life. One can go gaga over cheese but living in Dhaka, it can be an almost impossible task to easily source delights such as smoked, Roquefort, and Red Leicester cheese. The good news is that recently I discovered that one company, which possibly quite rightfully boasts of being the only ‘farm to table’ solution provider in the country, Direct Fresh, has come to the rescue of food connoisseurs in the country by offering the best ingredients from all over the world. Direct Fresh, born out of the owners’ passion for genuinely fresh, appetising, and safe ingredients, has already earned unparalleled recognition within a brief period of time as the premium online grocery store, offering a truly diverse range of products. Whether it is Austrian Smoked Cheese for a cheese fan like me or exotic dragon fruit, avocado, cherries, or honey dew for fruit lovers, Direct Fresh has decided to further diversify its distinct portfolio of products for its customers, who can order very easily via a simple click or a call.

Containers from UK carrying a huge range of products arrive every two months, besides air shipment from the same country to Dhaka every week. There is also direct import of certain perishable products from Thailand and the Middle East on a regular basis. For vegetarians, Direct Fresh is a safe haven, guaranteeing all products to be 100% free of formalin, carbides and other industrial carcinogens. “Grocery stores here, big, medium or small, sell fruits, meat and poultry that have been treated with formalin and carbides, ironically to preserve their ‘freshness’. Often the products on shelves have expired and the ones that are imported have outrageous prices, shopping for groceries at the markets here have become time-consuming, futile and disappointing. At Direct Fresh, we ensure well-rounded customer satisfaction by taking care of the food from sourcing to the doorstep of clients with the help of latest in-cold chain and smart-logistics technology,” shares Mishal Karim, one of the co-owners of this venture.

Don’t think just lettuce, think if you’d like green, iceberg, red, Radicchio or Romaine; what else do you want you imagine to combine them with? Red or Chinese cabbage, French beans, broccoli, sundried or cherry tomatoes, fresh from Thailand! Add a dash of Hellmans Vinaigrette, maybe a garlic herb dressing, or if you are in the mood for something creamy, then a thousand island dressing from England, and you are all set for a beautiful salad. Otherwise, create a stir fry with asparagus, Enoki mushrooms, snow peas and zucchini, coming to your table all the way from Thailand. Among fruits, imports from Dubai include eight different types of apples, kiwis, nectarines, peaches, and avocados.

Meat and deli lovers need not be disappointed as they have plenty of options to choose from – British Cumberland sausages, Merguez sausages, turkey slices, salami slices, pastrami and lots more. The company also plans to add another feather on its cap by breeding cows, goats, and chickens in its local Rajendrapur Agro Complex.

The company is also in the process of setting up depots all across the capital, the first one being in Notun Bazar, in order to aid its latest service of delivering orders to doorstep within 90 minutes to its customers residing in Gulshan, Banani and Baridhara. “These depots will help us in expanding our network. In addition, we have also increased the number of bikes as well as riders for faster delivery. A young population of men are finding easy employment through our home delivery service and customers have quicker access to the fresh products,” informs Tanvir Sifat, Head of Strategy, Direct Fresh. A call center service has been launched devoted to Direct Fresh customers, so that they can call besides using Whatsapp and the website to place their orders. Order away for a brand new, fresh experience!

Direct Fresh Press Conference


7th September, 2016


Direct Fresh: Farming for the Next Generation’

Bangladesh has a food adulteration issue. Excessive use of pesticides and chemicals (like DDT and Formalin by farmers) has become a matter of major public concern when purchasing fish, fruits, vegetables and milk from the market.

Direct Fresh is a new agribusiness that has emerged as one of the leading suppliers of fresh and safe agro products for households, wholesale markets, major grocery retailers and institutional customers in Bangladesh. In a short span of three years, Direct Fresh (“DF”) has developed a loyal customer base of 20,000 households who rely on safe and fresh DF products delivered to their doorsteps.

Besides the loyal customer base DF also supplies to discerning institutional clients like Apollo Hospitals, The Westin, Radisson Hotel, a number of international schools, clubs, and restaurants who want to ensure food safety for their employees and consumers.


“It has been quite a journey to get where we are today. We set out with the mission to deliver unadulterated and chemical free produce to the market not really knowing how we would do it but ended up being one of the leaders in producing and selling safe produce in the country”- Sam Bretzfield, Co-founder and Chairman of Direct Fresh Limited


The unique value proposition Direct Fresh offers to its institutional customers is that using Direct Fresh as a supplier ensures food safety, but does not actually cost more.

Direct Fresh works closely with farmers, providing training and technical support to increase harvest yield and then purchase the produce at fair trade prices so farmers intrinsically benefit from working with Direct Fresh.

GB-Banjara-127x170“We partnered with Direct Fresh because we wanted to invest in improving the livelihood of farmers in Manikganj by connecting them to the Dhaka market directly and by developing their capacity through trainings and technical support provided by Direct Fresh, so they could see real improvements in their lives through commercial gain and increased efficiency” –Mr. Gupta Bahadur Banjara, Head of Sectors, Swisscontact-Katalyst, a Market development project funded by DFID, SDC and DANIDA.

The Direct Fresh sustainable business model and work with the farmers of Manikganj was noticed by the ‘Business Call To Action’ [BCTA] global team. BCTA a United Nations Development Program [UNDP] initiative recognizes companies that have successfully implemented innovative and sustainable business models that help improve the lives of individuals at the ‘bottom of the pyramid’. Direct Fresh has recently been asked to be a member of BCTA and is part of a global network of similar organizations all over the world.

Paula-Photo-Bio“The Direct Fresh inclusive business is exactly the type of innovative model that the Business Call to Action global platform seeks to showcase. As one of our newest members, Direct Fresh will be participating in the BCTA Annual Forum in New York, held in conjunction with the United Nations General Assembly, to share their experience with other leading companies that deliver unique solutions to low-income communities across Asia, Africa and South America, thus enhancing the quality of life at the base of the pyramid.” Paula Pelaez, Head of the Business Call to Action.

Going forward the company is expanding rapidly and launching a MODEL FARM using advanced agricultural techniques, technology and practices which will serve as a benchmark for Bangladesh. Some of the latest advancements and discoveries once adopted on wider scale in Bangladesh have the potential to change the landscape of farming.

The Direct Fresh Rajendrapur Farm plans to introduce the use of Azolla instead of grass which grows six times faster and can be fed to cows, goats and chickens instead of grass decreasing feed cost by 85%.

The Rajendrapur farm will be one of the first farms to introduce Multi-Layer farming on a commercial scale allowing 300% more to be produced from the same square meter of land. In a densely populated country with limited land, one can imagine the benefits of maximizing farming yields from the same land mass.

“From the very beginning we have succeeded because we used ‘out of the box’ strategies to implement things others failed or found difficult. We took on challenges, often failed at first but tried again and again till we found the right approach. We launched some compelling business models that delivered results, getting us the traction in the market we see today” – Mishal Karim, Co- founder and Managing Director of Direct Fresh Limited.

Vermicompost will be used as the primary organic fertilizer and natural bio-pesticides will all be created from animal waste from the cattle, goats, chickens and other animals kept on the farm. The farm will also house the first commercial scale Hydroponics Green House growing multiple types of lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, strawberries and capsicums completely stopping the import of these items from India and Thailand in the near future.

For the general public, Direct Fresh will be launching a second online store, in the coming months, which will deliver the best retail value for good quality vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken, beef and other essential grocery items to the general public delivered to their door step. The new store will start by aiming to deliver across Dhaka city and expand in to a nationwide service over time.

The Direct Fresh vision for the future is a unique initiative has been made possible through the capital funding received from RSA Capital, the lead investor in Direct Fresh and other investment partners.


“It is rare to find investment opportunities that look exciting from a commercial perspective, delivers value to the farmers and to the consumers. RSA Capital sees DF as a unique opportunity to invest in an innovative company while it scales up its reach.”- Sameer Ahmad, Chairman of RSA Capital


Other investment partners were Business Research International Corporation Inc. (BRIC), a global public and private equity investor and Razor Capital, a Bangladesh focused, recently launched private equity fund.

g“My family has been engaged in the Agriculture business for decades. I see potential in a company that produces and sells directly to the market owning the own the entire warehousing, storage and distribution so it can cut out all middle men in the business. Delmonte adopts the same strategy and we have done well from doing so” – Ousamah Gillah, Managing Partner of Razor Capital.

We are also happy to announce some of our new esteemed members to the Direct Fresh Board of Directors. Mr. Sameer Ahmad, a pioneer investment banker, Mr. Mahmood Sattar, one of the most renowned bankers of Bangladesh and Mr. Zarif Munir, the first ever Partner at the Boston Consulting Group currently looking after BCG ASIA and Mr. Ousamah Gillah, Managing Partner of Razor Capital.

zarif munir“A big vision needs to be nurtured. I see the potential of what Direct Fresh is trying to achieve and want to assist them at every step that will truly define whether they will reach their end goal of being one the largest regional ‘farm to table’ food suppliers in the region” – Zarif Munir, Partner at the Boston Consulting Group.


pt_KMahmoodSattar_l“Companies set for rapid growth and expansion will need to pay close attention to how they handle their finance. They will need guidance and advice along what can be long journey to becoming financially self-sustaining” – Mahmood Sattar, Chairman, RSA Advisory Limited.


Still in the process of building a strong and dynamic Board of Directors, Direct Fresh is set to be a company that will lead the way for nutritious, safe and affordable agriculture produce reaching the  market benefiting all the residents of Dhaka city and eventually nationwide.


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linwoods_milled_organic_sunflower_pumpkin_seeds_425gRich in VITAMIN E: A great source of antioxidant that helps to lift your immune system and maintain a healthy heart. Two spoonful of Linwood’s Sunflower and Pumpkin seeds include 49% of your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of Vitamins! Your healthy dose of Vitamins for glowing skin and healthy hair and a happy heart!
The ultimate source of IRON: Do you feel tired or weak most of the time? There is huge possibility that it may be due to the lack of iron in your diet! Iron is the carrier of oxygen to the brain. It also helps to carry oxygen from our lungs to the rest of the body, therefore a good dose of iron is required to keep us going strong every day! Two teaspoon of Linwood’s Sunflower and Pumpkin seeds include 14%   RDA of iron.

Sunflower and Pumpkin also contribute 19% RDA of ZINC which helps to build musle and strength!Its  also beneficial for both male and female reproductive systems.

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Hello Foodies!

Celebrate Ramadan with the most exclusive offer of the season. Direct Fresh brings you the “IFTAR FOR CHAMPIONS OFFER”.

  • Simply log on to
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  • Win a chance of a personalized iftar prepared by our Direct Fresh Chef Rajeeb!
  • Enjoy delicious and yummy IFTAR at the comfort of your home!

HURRY! OFFER VALID TILL: 9TH JULY 2015! For further details call our hotline: 9606 444 444

*Winners will be selected via Lucky Draw!

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Direct Fresh donates for Leprosy Patients

The Zonta Club of Greater Dhaka had their Annual Meeting on Tuesday, May 13 at Soi 71 in Gulshan 2. Direct Fresh, represented by Director of Operations Eddie Bearnot, presented BDT 100,000 to Zonta Club of Greater Dhaka President Dr. Zareen Delwar Mahbub so that Zonta may continue its work providing sewing machines and training to Leprosy Patients in Dhaka.

Zonta, a well-respected global charity committed to the protection and empowerment of women and children, is committed to creating change though its initiatives, both in Bangladesh and world wide. Similarly, Direct Fresh is committed to to disrupting the status quo in Bangladesh by insisting on the highest quality product for our customers.

Direct Fresh is committed to giving back, both through donations to organizations like Zonta and our own initiatives, like providing our partner farmers with a larger share of the profits and delivering groceries in bags stitched by survivors of the Rana Plaza tragedy.







Chairman Samuel Bretzfield commented on the event: “We’re very happy to know that the donation we are making today will be used to help expand Zonta’s innovative program to support income-generating opportunities for leprosy patients here in Dhaka. We believe this is a fantastic initiative, and we applaud Zonta’s leaders and members on their efforts.”

New Products from THAILAND!!

DIRECT FRESH has always been working to enhance their product line and bring in the best of products from all around the world to our customers. This is a continuation of the work and here we happily introduce fresh products from THAILAND.


Basil Leaf

#Basil Leaf (50g for Tk. 50)

Bok Choy

#Bock Choy (500g for Tk. 415)


#Broccoli (1 pc for Tk. 355)

Honey Dew Melon

#Honey Dew Melon (1 pc for Tk.1010)

Iceberg Lettuce

#Lettuce Iceberg (1 pc for Tk. 240)

Snow Pea

#Snow Pea (250g for Tk. 255)

White Onion

#White Onion (1 kg for Tk. 710)

Red Bell Pepper

#Red Bell Pepper (500g for Tk. 450)

Yellow Bell Pepper

#Yellow Bell Pepper (500g for Tk. 450)

All these products are available fresh, in our website. We await your order, which we will be happy to deliver.




DIRECT FRESH introduces PET FOOD CATEGORY, with a range of DOG & CAT Food items to select from!!



 Pet Food_4th May

The food is available in both canned and packaged form, on variety of sizes.

Give your beloved pet the best of the food, available in Dhaka. And you do not have to go for searching these as well! You order your preferred product from the wide range of selection that we offer, and we will bring it to your pet via you.

Visit for more information.

Get your pets their staples from DIRECT FRESH!!


Healthy Pet, Happy You!!

The Direct Fresh Team




To offer refreshment to our Foodies, we have added to our product lining SUPA POWER PUNCH Juice.

Supa Power Punch juices are blended fresh every day for Direct Fresh Foodies. Fortified with natural and healthy ingredients like manuka honey, aloe vera, ginger, cayenne pepper, raisins, and more, these turbo charged juice blends support your body with loads of important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

SUPA POWER PUNCH Juices are available in 5 different flavors each in 2 different sizes. The 265 ml bottle costs Tk. 225 and the 1.6 L jar costs Tk. 1125.

Supa Power Punch Red Refresh

Supa Power Punch Green Revolution

Supa Power Punch Orange Alive

Supa Power Punch Blue Booster

Supa Power Punch Pink Passion

SUPA Collage_1.6 L_


SUPA Collage_265 ml_

Enjoy these specially blended juices, delivered right at your doorstep by DIRECT FRESH!!

Summer was never this fruitier!! 😉