About Us!

DirectFresh was born from our collective frustrations with grocery shopping in Dhaka’s local markets and supermarket chains. Crowded aisles, limited selection, rapidly approaching expiry dates, and questionable origin and quality of food made it hard to for Sam, Eddie, and Mishal to find fresh, interesting, and safe groceries. Nor was there a place food fanatics to share tips about cooking and eating in Dhaka.

DirectFresh’s mission is to provide Dhaka’s “Foodies” and their families with access to the finest, freshest ingredients from Bangladesh and around the world, delivered to their homes within 24 hours. Through our Blog and on social media we will curate Dhaka’s culinary landscape, bringing you stories, secrets, tips, and recipes from Bangladesh and abroad.

DirectFresh is a game changer for Bangladesh’s shoppers and cooks alike, focusing on high-quality premium ingredients, excellent prices, and, above all else, superior customer service. Become a DirectFresh “Foodie” today, and join our movement to make cooking and eating in Dhaka more transparent, social, and creative!